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Post a link to your learning group. In order to host your badges, you'll first need to create a learning group. From the home screen, just click "+create" button to get started.

How to create a learning group

  1. Click on the home icon in the upper left corner of the Badge List screen.
  2. Click the "+create" button to the right of the "your groups" header to create a new group.
  3. Give your new group a name.
  4. That's it, now you can invite other members or admins if you like.

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Badges Specialist Site

ingchrishdz Over 3 years ago

Student group for 200+ students from 27 nationalities

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Concord Summer Online 2020

Concord Summer Online 2020 ** 20 challenges over 20 days ** @ConcordSummer #ConcordSummerOnline
concord_summer Over 3 years ago

This badge is for teachers

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Catskill Regional Teacher Center

Catskill Regional Teacher Center Website Usage
catskill Almost 4 years ago

Uvalde CISD

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narias5342 Almost 4 years ago

This is a group created for teachers to learn about Compassion Fatigue.

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Compassion Fatigue Training

We are in the business of caring for others professionally and it carries with it a burden: Compassion Fatigue.
catc-director Almost 4 years ago

Teachers will work together in this group to share their virtual classrooms, tips, and tricks.

Created a learning group to award teachers Professional Development badges.

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VUSD Technology Badging

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jbillingsley24 Almost 4 years ago

I have created a group on Six Sigma and Lean

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Six Sigma and Lean - Pathway

Six sigma certification program with an assessment.
rmithare Almost 4 years ago

Educacion para el trabajo es para Docentes dedicados a la est rubro tecnolgias educativas

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EducaciĆ³n para el trabajo

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josedelarosa Almost 4 years ago

AVID trained educators in Santa Ana Unified School District

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AVID Trained Educators- SAUSD

AVID Trained at Summer Institute, Path or 12-hours of AVID Professional Learning Modules
terri-verhaegen Almost 4 years ago Learn coding for free


Anyone can learn computer science. Make games, apps and art with code.
cbernstein Almost 4 years ago

Young minds are individuals who can investigate and produce evidence, answer questions and solve science inquires in the world around them.

cyoung2020 Almost 4 years ago