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Post a link to your learning group. In order to host your badges, you'll first need to create a learning group. From the home screen, just click "+create" button to get started.

How to create a learning group

  1. Click on the home icon in the upper left corner of the Badge List screen.
  2. Click the "+create" button to the right of the "your groups" header to create a new group.
  3. Give your new group a name.
  4. That's it, now you can invite other members or admins if you like.

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A Fablab in school with hackers of education inside since 2013#openlab #learninglab #Makerspace #edtech #numérique #digital #opensource

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Fablab Fabulis
fabulis Over 6 years ago

Just testing...

joel-chua Over 6 years ago

Make ALL the things!

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Makerspace Hijinks

Fun, learning, and making!
msfaber Over 6 years ago

Get training on using Outlook 365 and earn badges.

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Office Outlook 365

Get training in using Outlook 365 and earn badges!
physed Over 6 years ago

CS Digiporters

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GreenieEd Amplifier - CS Digiporters

This badge recognizes faculty for new approaches that enable student amplification.
bjharris23 Over 6 years ago

This was evidence.

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Science Dept. 8th Grade

This group is for members of the 8th grade Science Department.
shannon-harris Over 6 years ago

This is evidence of creating a learning group.

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8th Science

The purpose of this group is to meet and do science activities.
laura-rahe Over 6 years ago

School group for learning the process

arthur-williams Over 6 years ago

My first group

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PjBL - Data Science

Este es el badge inicial de Project Based Learning
layala Almost 7 years ago

this is a gruop to lear about TIC in education

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Aprendiendo las TIC

Badges por revisión de los contenidos de la página.
fraszz Almost 7 years ago

Learning Group for Middle School Badges

alexrwong Almost 7 years ago

This is a learning group so that we can practice the process we hope to use with our district.

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Greece Tech People

To join this group, first you need to sign in or create a new account.
lmgirolamo Almost 7 years ago