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Post a link to the logs of two people you've awarded the badge to. Badges want to belong to people. Award the badge to people who have posted great evidence and really earned the badge you've created. Remember, a meaningful credential shows evidence of learning and/or engagement.

How to award a badge:

There are two ways to award a badge:
  1. Invite someone as a learner:  Go to the badge, scroll down to the Badge Learners section and click the Invite Learners button.  Learners will receive an invitation to join the badge and submit learning evidence at which point you can issue them the badge.
  2. Award the badge right away:  Go to the badge, scroll down to the Badge Experts section and click the "Award the Badge" button.  This will award the badge immediately without requiring the awardee to submit any evidence first.

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Badges Specialists

Badge Portfolio for Fabrizzio Carpena

Badge List is a platform for awarding digital credentials compatible with the OpenBadge standard.
pedrofabrizzioc Over 1 year ago

Example of Profile of Learner whose badge has been awarded.

Williamsville Teacher Center

Digital Whiteboards awarded to Amy Marciniak

Through this badge you will learn the basics of what a Digital Whiteboard is, what online tools to use as a teacher, and how to share with students to enhance your instruction.
lee-ferenc Over 2 years ago

Anothe test

janushead About 3 years ago

Url for badge I awarded to 2 users

Badge List

Introduction to Open Badges - Ohrin Computing

User has demonstrated minimal proficiency in working with Open Badges
marko Over 3 years ago

Link to the badge page where I have awarded a badge to my learner.

Badge List

Are your students listening? - Model Schools

Create an Edpuzzle lesson with a video of your choice. You must include all question choices. (Multiple choice, open ended and notes) Provide a link to your lesson for evidence review. More Info
kelly-nocca Over 3 years ago

Here are two members that already have their CPR cert.

Badge List

CPR Certification - Old Forge Jr. Firefighters

Member has their CPR certification.
oldforge39 Over 3 years ago

this was a trial run evidence was received before awarding the badge

Badge List

testing - testing training

you have made yourself available for this trial
lionel-blooms Almost 4 years ago


ingchrishdz Almost 4 years ago


ingchrishdz Almost 4 years ago


Concord Summer Online 2020

1.5. Fitness Workout awarded to AD20134

In this activity, you will learn how to design your own fitness home workout with a range of different exercises
concord_summer Almost 4 years ago


Concord Summer Online 2020

1.3. Biological Cells awarded to AD20134

In this activity, you will learn about cells and build a model of a eukaryotic cell
concord_summer Almost 4 years ago

Default Browser

A screenshot of your Chrome settings page, indicating that you are logged in to Chrome and that Chrome is your default browser (see example).
narias5342 About 4 years ago