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What do you think about #BookSnaps? What advice do you have for others?

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I love #Booksnaps!

Booksnaps are great for checking student's understanding with he skills we are working on in Wonders! It is also fun and engaging for them, and let's them take ownership of their learning.

My my advice would be to start whole group for a couple before having them work on their own.  
ncoyan Over 4 years ago


I love the idea of #BookSnaps. It has been made easier for my kids by allowing the Seesaw app on their iPads. The hardest part is adding in pictures. Overall I think it is a great idea for the students to show they have found textual evidence, and write their responses to that textual evidence.
mds3567 About 5 years ago

Learned something!

I am so in love with booksnaps I knew my kids would be too. The first couple they were really into. After a couple of more they started groaning!!! We talked about it. The feedback was they didn't see a purpose for it. Their point was they could just annotate and it seemed like adding pictures was just an extra step for something they already do. Whaaaat?! 
So I've been thinking about this. Why do I love it so much and they don't? I let them have free choice on annotation, just like me. They shared them with each other, I didn't put the pressure of grades on them. Hmm? I'm thinking there wasn't enough challenge. They already have codes for what they like to mark. I need them to think differently.  So I'm going to put more perimeters on what they have to find or explain or what tools they can use. I'm really going to question their choices and make them explain.  It's pretty exciting that my kids are craving challenge! I'm ready to step up!
ruffteacher About 5 years ago

My 1st graders LOVE BookSnaps!

My students LOVE BookSnaps! When I heard about upper grades using these it sounded like a great idea but not very accessible for 1st graders. I was so wrong! With specific prompts and guidelines, my 1st graders are able to make BookSnaps through Seesaw and answer comprehension questions, do word hunts, and complete vocabulary activities that would have previously been worksheets. They ask to do them everyday since we started!

I will start using these at the beginning of the year for word work activities to start my guided reading lessons at teacher table.
diedrichk About 5 years ago

Booksnaps reflection

I love using #booksnaps! I started using it for myself awhile ago while I read, and I think it's a great way to process what I read. I encourage teachers to do #booksnap as they read and share them with students. I also think it helped me to think outside the box on this one. While I don't use a lot of reading in my class, I do have things we do that could incorporate the same idea. While thinking about introducing our big end of the year project, I was stuck on how to introduce it. I wanted to go over all the expectations, but I know kids usually zone out and start thinking about what they'll create for their project. Then later when we actually start the project they're confused and don't know what to do. I thought a solution could be using "booksnaps" for our instructions. The kids would have to focus on the most important parts of the instructions and pay closer attention as they read them. It was also many kids first opportunity to do booksnaps, so they got to try out the concept. You could also do it for online articles like NewsELA. Another tip would be to allow kids to do the booksnap in whatever app they want. I showed them what I wanted as an end result and told them to pick an app that would work best. Especially when introducing something new, it helps the kids feel more comfortable if they can pick an app they know how to use really well. This site has how-to videos for lots of different apps: http://www.tarammartin.com/resources/booksnaps-how-to-videos/
mrsnix Over 5 years ago

Book Snap Reflection

i love book snaps! They are so simple and quick but so useful. I can see using them for a quick check for understanding, reading or grammar scavenger hunt, exit ticket, assessment tool, and I'm sure much more. I think they would be useful to use in math as a way for students to solve, diagram, and justify a problem. My advice would to stay up to date on technology and making sure apps are updated. i would encourage all teachers to give it a try. 
leahcoffman Over 5 years ago

Booksnaps on Seesaw is AMAZING!

I absolutely loved using #BookSnaps. It is a great way to make students think deeper about the text. 

My advice to others is to contact Leasha and have her send you the powerpoint with the #Booksnaps challenge. It was so much fun to do with my kids and it helped them get used to the features on Seesaw! 
paigefickbohm Over 5 years ago

#Booksnap Reflection

I love booksnaps! Booksnaps help teach students to annotate text. I have some students that really like them and others that would prefer not to do it at all. I don't force them to (unless we're working on a particular skill) The advice I would give is introduce it as another form of annotating text give them the option of doing it, and share your own booksnapping with them. Try it it's awesome! 
rolandteach Over 5 years ago