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Your booksnaps will give us a good idea about your thoughts on the book. What did you think of the process of booksnapping as you read?

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Booksnaps: Thumbs Up

I enjoyed making visuals of what I am reading. It helps me retain the information better. Just learning how to do a Booksnap could take time, but gets more efficient as you go.
mds3567 Over 4 years ago

A new way of processing and sharing, but it comes with a learning curve.

I enjoyed the process of booksnapping. It definitely has a learning curve to it, finding the right tools to create the booksnaps and getting in the habit of doing it.  I also found that I thought about my snaps in a different way than when I just take my own notes on a book. Adding in the factor of an audience for my notes was a challenge, but one that stretched my thinking. I would like to explore doing a booksnap club with multiple people snapping the same book. 
holtra Almost 5 years ago

I am not a huge fan of book snapping for personal use. I find it destracting.

However, I could see this being a great tool to use with students. I think it would keep them engaged and also help them find main points in the text.
waterkotteh Over 5 years ago

Book snapping

This was super easy for me to do as I read. I always underline and highlight as I go so I found it easy to post this after I would finish reading about it. Most of my posts had to do with classroom management, even thought it isn’t my very first year it can ALWAYS be improved. 
coppleb Over 5 years ago

Innovator's Mindset

This book, along with the Twitter book chat that we did gave me some great ideas as a leader. It helped me renew my mindset of education and think about what my building's mindset it. It created a lot of good conversations. 
tidwells Over 5 years ago

Excellent Strategy!

Not only will I use it for my students with primary sources (DocSnaps) next year, but also with books they choose to read for side quests. I will also continue to use it in my professional reading! Loved the process of reflection as I went through the book.
rstephans Almost 6 years ago

I heart #booksnaps!

I am way more likely to scroll through the snaps I took than flip through the pages to reflect on the book. I spent extra time thinking about what I was reading as I created the booksnaps... Underlining the evidence, finding the perfect images, and adding my my thoughts. I will definitely #booksnap from here on out!!
woltermanl About 6 years ago


I love using booksnaps. I posted some of them on Twitter and Dave Burgess retweeted them. :) I like doing it through Snapchat, as it's really easy to use and I can add bitmojis. Using booksnaps makes me more thoughtful as I read. I also like to be able to go back later and see my AHA moments without having to read the whole book.
mrsnix About 6 years ago

What a great way to make book annotations come to life!

There are tons of ways to interact with a book. Highlighting, writing in the margins, and sticky notes all get the job done, but booksnaps make the process more engaging and interactive. While I'm not a fan of recording myself talking to myself, I think this is a great way to get into the minds of kids and learn what they are really thinking when they interact with a text.
diedrichk About 6 years ago


I love doing booksnaps. The process is very powerful. It really made me think deeper about the text, (which is what we want students to do). By taking the time to stop reading and draw or underline, I had time to really process the information I was reading! 

Love it!
paigefickbohm About 6 years ago

Booksnap Reflection

I ❤️ booksnaps! I was never fond of annotating, but now I annotate everything!  I enjoy adding emojis and bitmojis to the text. Booksnapping really helps me focus on my own takeaways from the text and provide me with quick/at a glance visual notes/reminders. It has also helped me as a teacher become better at teaching my students how to annotate. 
rolandteach About 6 years ago


I really enjoyed this process. I often draw in the margins of my books anyway so this was right up my alley. The best part was the emojis and pics I could add were so much better than what I draw. I have some icons that I normally use when I annotate my own books. Using the emojis and pictures made me see things a bit differently.  I liked that I got to choose my own thoughts and things that stood out to me in the text. There were a couple of nights I went to bed and kept thinking of ways I should change my book snap or add to it. 

Now im thinking of using this with students. The biggest thing I'm wondering is if I give them paremeters or let them freeform through the text like I did. 🤔
ruffteacher About 6 years ago