#BookSnaps Book Study Golden Bear 2017


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Your booksnaps will give us a good idea about your thoughts on the book. What did you think of the process of booksnapping as you read?

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Love it

I love booksnapping! I wish this had been an option in middle school/high school when I was learning to annotate novels and texts. I just used Snapchat and downloaded each snap as I went. It was quick to make them and quick to upload them. 
diedrichk Over 4 years ago

I LOVE BookSnaps!

I really enjoyed the process of book snapping as I read Teach Like a Pirate.  It was fun to find the perfect Bitmoji to complement the ideas that jumped out at me while I read.  I was able to connect to the text at a deeper level.  It’s also WAY more fun to go back and revive my snaps than underlined text.
woltermanl Over 4 years ago

I am not sure I am a fan of book snaps.

I am not sure that I look using book snaps because for me it too too many steps.  I read electronic books on my kindle so first I would have to screenshot them, then I would have to send them to my phone where I have snapchat, and then I would have to snap them.  Once i began the "snapping" process it was fine but it just took a lot for me to get to this point.  Maybe if I did not read books electronically it would be easier.
waterkotteh Almost 5 years ago

Loved it!!!!

It was excellent! I enjoyed being able to be creative in my reflections as I read. I also enjoyed learning new tech (SnapChat). This is something I want my students to do as they read primary sources and books in my class.
rstephans About 5 years ago