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An InfoPic combines text with a related image.

Required Evidence

Select Content

Select your content to use as source material. This can be an article, a book, a video, a presentation, or something else. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Refine the Idea

Refine the main idea or quotation you want to use in the infopic. If you include too much text, people are less like to read it. Select key words and big ideas. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info


Find, create or capture an image related to your main idea. Save to your device. Crop as desired. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info


Use an app or website to combine your image and text. Adobe Spark Post is excellent but requires an email address to use. Pic Collage for Kids can be used with a single image and text. Use good design principles when choosing a color, font, using whitespace, etc. Type "done" when complete. More Info


Save the combined image to your device. Evidence: Upload your final image here. More Info

Share with Others

Share your final image in a SeeSaw classroom, on Twitter, or elsewhere. Evidence: Copy and paste the share link to your infopic here. More Info

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