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Create a collage combining several images

Required Evidence

Save Images

Take photos with the camera on a tablet or smartphone, or save photos/images to your device from the web about a common topic. Chromebook users: Transfer your photos to your laptop using a USB cable, Google Drive, or AirDroid software. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Select and Resize Images

iPad users: Open a photo collage app and choose a layout. Add and pinch to resize photos in the layout. Chromebook users: In Google Drive create a new DRAWING document. Resize to 800 x 800 pixels. Add and resize images. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Export and Share

iPad: Export the image with the "share square," saving it to your camera roll. Share the image to SeeSaw. Chromebook: Export your drawing as a JPG image and save to Seesaw. Evidence: Upload your final image. More Info

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