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8/15/14 SPSM Chat: Robin Williams, his Suicide, and Social Media: discussed by #SPSM Vloggers


Robin Williams, his Suicide, and Social Media: discussed by #SPSM Vloggers

docforeman Dr. Mike Sevilla, and Dr. Jonathan Singer discuss social media this week surrounding the suicide of Robin Williams. Tweet Qs to #SPSM hashtag. If you are in crisis: 1-800-273-8255 or
drmikesevilla Almost 9 years ago

um, click the link...


@DrBillSchmitz announces @AASuicidology sponsorship of #SPSM chat and more (with images, tweets) ยท SPSMChat

Archive of tweets from the 2/16/14 Suicide Prevention Social Media chat. Twitter reach was 113,872. Timeline Deliveries were 2,725,301. Thanks to the American Association of Suicidology for supporting this conversation!
bschmitzjr Almost 9 years ago

cohosting last show


Kevin Briggs (@PivotalPts) chats with #SPSM, 6/28/15, 9pCT

Kevin Briggs, a suicide prevention advocate from the Law Enforcement community (and featured speaker in an AMAZING TED talk) joins us at #SPSM, 6/28/15, 9pCT. Kevin will be discussing his experiences in preventing suicide as an LEO on the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as his own experiences as a father helping his son get...
drbart Almost 9 years ago

Talking about Facebook's new tool for supporting suicidal individuals #SPSM

Ursula Whiteside


VIDEO Discussion Lived Experience: People who have had suicidal experiences and who are willing to share their expertise in order to improve the treatment of others like themselves. There has been a lot of press and talk on social media about the suicide prevention support tool that Facebook developed in collaboration with suicide prevention experts, experts...
ursulawhiteside Almost 9 years ago

@SocWorkPodcast, a.k.a. Dr. Jonathan Singer. was the May 4, 2014 SPSM chat.


@SocWorkPodcast, Dr. Jonathan Singer chats with #SPSM, 5/4/14 9pm CST

Social media has the power to connect us to people we admire. People who are doing the work that inspires us. People we've always wanted to meet and work with. SO, during #AAS14, it was a pleasure to find out that one of our tweeters was @SocWorkPodcast, a.k.a. Dr. Jonathan Singer.
jonathansinger Almost 9 years ago

SPSM No. 1


#SPSM Chat: Using Social Media to End Suicide

SPSM Chat Mission: Timely and engaging expertise in Suicide Prevention Social Media. Generated and curated for professional and public use. SPSM Chat is targeted towards mental health and communication professionals using social media to make suicide a "never" event. Using Twitter we'll generate, curate, and share the best information and innovations in SPSM.
adwww Almost 9 years ago