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Complete an evaluation of the conference keynote and at least one session. Post the name of the session(s) you evaluated here. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2015-16UpdateSurvey)
Complete evaluations here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2015-16UpdateSurvey
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Posted evaluation of opening Timeline activities

retired6 Over 6 years ago

Richard's keynote was good but garbled. Competency-based mastery is key. I appreciated the Word Mapping activities Monica demonstrated.

dcole1962 Almost 7 years ago

I have completed the evaluation for the Iowa Update.

ehardman Almost 7 years ago

I enjoyed the two days of collaborating and learning with Patty, Jean, Monica, and Professional Developers from Iowa and other states.

I found the information about micro-credentialing and the time spent on the websites very helpful.  Thank you to Patty for attending and leading our conference.  I'm excited to review the resources for the strategies we train to see what will enhance our learning experiences for teachers.  I enjoyed hearing from both Monica and Jean, the authors of the strategies.  I feel the KU Strategies and Routines will become important parts of the increased accountability for secondary literacy in the coming years.  School districts and teachers will be looking for research-based and evidence-based strategies to implement in general ed. classes and for interventions.Thank you to the planning committee!Julie
jlmeyer Almost 7 years ago

Great conference. Brilliant researchers and nice folks.

tblakeslee Almost 7 years ago

General Conference Evaluation

chrisnoel Almost 7 years ago


Completed Survey Monkey survey. 
rosed Almost 7 years ago

This conference was very informative. i will be taking back to my fellow teachers some great instructional practices.

boom_bostic Almost 7 years ago

The session on GIST was amazing. I can really challenge my students, and also hook my fellow teachers to learn LS's and CER's.

mfrancko Almost 7 years ago

Iowa Update June 2016, Evaluation

Webquest by Patty Graner. The new SIM website was reviewed. Links for resources for each specific learning strategy and content enhancement routine are now included. This information is extremely helpful to support our work with teachers.

Theme Writing-Informational, by Jean Schumaker (virtual). I purchased a manual, so it was efficient to follow and highlight the manual as Jean explained each lesson of the strategy. The breakdown of the strategy into two parts for the lessons will be very helpful to the students as they learn the strategy.
presley Almost 7 years ago

Informative Writing

lbell Almost 7 years ago

SIM Iowa Update Conference 2016

syoungers Almost 7 years ago