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Overall Evaluation (Optional, but appreciated)

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Overall evaluation is excellent. Very informative.

Overall the training was very informative.  Learned some effective techniques in learning and will be able to translate these techniques to the benefit of all teachers in the state.

tbastock Almost 7 years ago

Absolutely mind blowing!

Thank you for this opportunity. I didn't know what to expect, and I learned more than I could have ever imagined! I look forward to applying the strategies learned in my practice.
luchara Almost 7 years ago

Fantastic Informational Strategies to use with coaching teachers and working with students.

staceyls Almost 7 years ago

Overall Evaluation

I would highly recommend the Coaching Strategic Instruction Institute to my colleagues!  As the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in my district, I believe that the SIM and Content Enhancement Strategies truly meet the growing needs of teachers seeking to understand the more complex Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and make them more accessible to all student learners.  I see these strategies bridging general education and special education programming, supporting student acquisition of higher order thinking and problem solving skills that can be utilized in so many aspects of life.  Additionally, I believe the information shared regarding High Impact Instruction, The Impact Cycle, and Instructional Coaching "taken up a notch" through video recording support teacher professional development at all levels.  I am excited to use the information learned at this Institute to support the current and future needs of our staff and students!
hnslosarek Almost 7 years ago