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robert_baer Almost 7 years ago

January 19-21, 2016

Sessions attended:
The FramingRoutine
Differentiated Visual Tools
The Word Mapping Strategy
Fundamentals of Paraphrasing & Summarizing Strategy
Word Identification Strategy
Concept Mastery
The Question Exploration Routine
slg58 Almost 7 years ago

Dates of sessions:

Tuesday, 1/19/16 through Thursday, 1/21/16 
melissa2016 Almost 7 years ago

This conference was held in Lawrence, Kansas on January 19 - 21, 2016. I traveled with two other administrators from Milton, WI.

Tara Huber, associate principal at high school, Heather Slovarek, director of curriculum and instruction and I attended this conference. One of our main foci was to learn how to support the universal instruction in both the academic and social/behavioral realms. Tara and I have both implemented SIM in our special education classes when we had a classroom. Heather had heard a lot of positive about the Content Enhancement Routine and was excited to dig into the possible impact in our district. 
probsts Almost 7 years ago


Self Questioning
sdunlay Almost 7 years ago


sdunlay Almost 7 years ago


sdunlay Almost 7 years ago


lhalcro Almost 7 years ago

Attended January 19, 20, and 21.

tinafisher Almost 7 years ago

January 19 - 21, 2016

snydec Almost 7 years ago

January 19-21, 2016

cforman Almost 7 years ago

Jan.19-21, 2016

kstevens Almost 7 years ago