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Post the date of the update you attended and where it took place (city, or virtual)

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NE SIM Update, July 2022

pat317 4 months ago

Virtual Conference

cynthia2 4 months ago

SIM update 2022

July 18, 2022
samantha-layne 5 months ago

2022 Northeast SIM Virtual Update Date and Location

The update I attended was virtual and ran from June until the final live session on July 19th.
gina-martin 5 months ago

2022 Northeast SIM Update

All items were completed on the update checklist. (Thank you for the list, it was very helpful!) The update was a successful.  Thank you for making the experience a great one!
gina-martin 5 months ago

Checklist of all components completed.

kturner63 5 months ago

I am really enjoying the NE Virtual SIMposium Update July 2022!!! Way to go SIM of Virginia!

tshgentry 5 months ago

Enjoying 2022 NE SIM Update

blatzsl 5 months ago

July 19, 2022 SIM Update virtually from Bent Mountain VA

hbarrier 5 months ago

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dstrand 5 months ago

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reddingas 5 months ago

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cbeachboard 5 months ago