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Post the date you completed all of the requirements of the Virtual Update.

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Completed the virtual conference on April 30, 2019

The virtual conference was delivered through recordings of the 2018 Symposium. I believe I completed evaluations for each session I attended over 2 weeks.
kspielman Over 1 year ago

May 9, 2020 Completion Date

I'm attending Webinar and then will submit Overall Evaluation
tericlement Over 2 years ago

Completed Conference on 5/9/2019

Sessions completed:  
1.  Blended Professional Learning Experiences w/Content Enhancement/Survey
2.  Introducing Corgi/Survey
3.  Teaching Multiplication Using Partial Products/Survey
4.  Introducing the Decision Making Routine/Survey
5.  The Inside Story of MTSS Multi-tiered Systems of Support/Survey
6.  Visible Learning-Achievement Puzzle/Survey
7.  Are We Truly Personalizing Learning for Diverse Learners/Survey
8.  Listening and Note Taking/Survey 9Nurturing Student Engagement In The Learning Process/Survey   Overall Conference Evaluation
mfrancko Over 3 years ago

Completion date = May 15

I received a reply that I have completed the Virtual Conference on May 15th from Peony L. Allen.
Thank you very much,
jill-nicholson Over 3 years ago

All of the requirements were completed on Thursday 5/9/2019 during the webinar.

mfrancko Over 3 years ago

2019 SIM Virtual Update Content Area Attendance - Peterson

Content Area 1: Video Coaching
  • Focusing on Teaching: Using Video for High Impact Instruction – Jim Knight
  • Save Time, Keep Quality! Virtual Instructional Coaching with Preservice Teachers– Martha Elford, Irma Brasseur-Hock, Amber Rowland and Sean Smith   
Content Area 2: Diverse Learners
  • Are We Truly Personalizing Learning for Diverse Learners? A Critical Interpretive Synthesis of Empirical Studies – Jamie Basham and Ling Zhang
  • Using SIM with English Language Learners---Perfecto! – Beth Lasky, Monica Boomgard, Dorothee Chadda, Sarah Eylands
Content Area 3: SIM Technology Innovations
  • Innovations in Educational Technology, Open Educational resources and SIM: Development of Accessible Digital Learning Materials to Support Students with Disabilities with SIM Resources – Jose Blackorby
  • Nurturing Student Engagement in the Learning Process: A Web-based Version of Possible Selves – Michael Hock, Sarah Williams, and Morgan James
  • SIM PD Tools – Patty Graner  
Content Area 4: Adolescent Skill Development
  • Tackling Adolescent Literacy: A Six Step Guide for a School-Wide Approach – Pam Leitzell, Elizabeth Gibbs, Paula Crawford
  • Assessment and Intervention to Promote Self-Determination - Kerrie Shogren
  • Nurturing Student Engagement in the Learning Process: A Web-based Version of Possible Selves – Michael Hock, Sarah Williams, and Morgan James (Also listed under Area 3.)  
lypeterson Over 3 years ago

May 8, 2019

reddingas Over 3 years ago

1/4/19 Admin.

kucrl Almost 4 years ago