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I enjoyed the math session on Thursday. Presenter was very engaging and it was helpful to be reminded of the CRA steps.
cajamunro Over 3 years ago

Paula Lancaster's Keynote really hit home about the power of teachers and teaching, especially when it shows the money aspect.

retired6 Over 3 years ago

Deep Dive

I enjoyed this session with Patty, and I will use these extension activities for writing with teachers for these routines.
jatallah Over 3 years ago

The Instructional Playbook is an exciting idea. It will be so helpful to PDers.

I still have questions for Jim about the Playbook.  Will the description about Differentiated Visual Tools be a general one?  There are so many different DVTs that address specific standards.  Ed has developed checklists for individual DVTs, but how will the implementation checklists be created?  These are a few of my questions.

The playbook is a wonderful idea, and I applaud Jim Knight.  Will the playbook be available to buy from Edge?  One of the participants at my table was new to SIM, and she was very interested in the Unit Organizer (CE we chose for the activity).  She had several questions, so if you answered some of my questions at the session, and I did not hear the answers, I apologize.  

I particularly liked the video that was shown about the doctor and the importance of checklists.  

Thank you for doing something that has been needed for a long time!
vicki Over 3 years ago

Xtreme Reading PD Cadre

The Xtreme Reading Cadre offered participants community and in-depth learning. I found working with other SIM Professional Developers who are interested in sharing resources and providing support well worth my time. Further, knowing the group will continue to keep connected electronically is helpful to me as an independent professional developer.  Also, Pam and Paula provided excellent training. I appreciated the level of detail they gave on how they have delivered Xtreme Reading PD. The materials accompanying their training were beneficial. Thank you for preparing and delivering a session that allowed us to take a deeper dive into the reading curriculum. Your tips were so valuable.
gkoenig Over 3 years ago

Creating an Instructional Playbook for SIM

I can't wait to implement this.  I think is going to be huge for my work!
crenetij Over 3 years ago

Appreciated the Deep Dive!

I really appreciated the Deep Dive opportunity.  I attended the math session and had a chance to deeply understand two strategies which has me jazzed about how to implement it as an intervention.  I'm excited about how they can enhance conceptual understanding.
crenetij Over 3 years ago

Virtual Coaching Session

The session on virtual coaching was very informative. The process incorporates Jim Knight's impact cycle in a virtual environment. I could see how this process would enhance the work of SIM Professional Developers.
jwashburn Over 3 years ago

Exploring and Installing SIM

Jocelyn Washburn, Director of Professional Development, shared information that should be considered when implementing SIM.  Professional development, instructional coaching and looking at school as well as student needs were discussed.
tforseth Over 3 years ago

SIM Micro-Credentials Session

This session provided more information on how to utilize badging with SIM participants.
It was very helpful as our district is getting more involved in micro-credentials.
Great Resources!
abowers Over 3 years ago

Customize Your Professional Learning with SIM Micro-credentialing

Spending time exploring time learning more about SIM badges was so helpful! 
kforrest Over 3 years ago

Keynote Speaker: Paula Lancaster on High Leverage Practices

Keynote Speaker, Paula Lancaster, provided information about High Leverage Practices for general education and special education teachers.  This session shared several HLPs and participants worked on breaking these processes down.  Several great resources were provided to help understand and implement high leverage practices in schools.
tforseth Over 3 years ago