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Post the date you completed all of the requirements of the Virtual Update.

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May 9. 2019

jeagness Over 3 years ago

Completion date: June 10, 2018

Today I completed the conference overall conference evaluation and badge requirements.
lisa-tyler Over 4 years ago

As of 5/10, I completed all evaluations for the 2 keynote presentations and 8 breakout sessions. I am scheduled for the 5/10 webinar.

jaherzog Over 4 years ago

Chatted twice, reviewed SimVille, listened to others

mcassidy Over 4 years ago

Finished Webinar with Patty Granar

chatted a little, gave feedback, asked a question about beta testing 
teacher observation tool, got an email from Mona
john Over 4 years ago

Completed session on micro credentialing

updated page,
started a new badge group for i3 Grant
john Over 4 years ago

Attended webinar, May 9, 2018.

All requirements complete. 
cleague Over 4 years ago

5/9/18 3pm Webinar

mhowie Over 4 years ago

I completed the SIM Virtual Conference on 5/7/18.

lisa_skifton Over 4 years ago

Completed breakout 8: SMARTER: The instructional cycle that energizes collaboration

viewed video, downloaded documents, took notes
john Over 4 years ago

Completed Breakout session #7: SIM Professional Development Tools with Patty Granar

Watched video, took notes, visited websites, updated profiles, made new badge list group
john Over 4 years ago

May 5, 2018 Completed 2018 SIM Virtual Conference Evaluations Completed

Keynote: Jim Knight
Keynote: John Hattie

Breakout Sessions:
  • Agents of Change: Instructional Coaches as Leaders of Learning
  • Implementing the Strategies for Regrouping to Address Math Strategies
  • Learning Strategies 2.0
  • Word Mapping Routine
  • Using Content Enhancement Graphics as Essay Writing Supports
  • Leveraging the Power of Scientific Argumentation Across Content Areas
  • Cue-Do-Review...It's Not Just for Devices!
  • SIM Professional Developer's Tools
deedavis Over 4 years ago