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Please post your reflections about the conference. What was your favorite session? Did you meet any interesting contacts?

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New CE Routine

I enjoyed learning about Teaching Decision Making. I cannot wait to use this with some students. Also, I am looking forward to sharing this routine with educators. 
sallie Over 2 years ago

Adolescent Literacy

Adolescent Literacy was a very useful and well thought out plan for forming a school-wide approach that encompasses a step by step "map" for implementation of establishing and understanding the components of an adolescent literacy program.
jgreiner Almost 4 years ago

I really enjoyed Doug Fisher, I"ve already used one of his comments about visiting classrooms in one of my PDs.

retired6 Over 5 years ago

I really enjoyed Doug Fisher. I felt like I could relate to him. I also enjoyed learning about video observations.

kalenzi Over 5 years ago

Kansas is about to transform education.

bev-d Over 5 years ago


Both Keynotes were highly informative and challenged me with questions.
Doug Fisher sent me both of his powerpoints to review the content for future reference.
bev-d Over 5 years ago

I thought the Doubletree was much easier to load and unload and enjoyed having everything on one level.

peonya-ku-edu Over 5 years ago


I am looking forward to the work that Mike Hock, Nanette and Irma are working on to move the professional development of the strategies as well as the student materials into an online platform.  This will improve access to instructional materials to match the way students are learning in schools.  Thank you for all their work.

I loved hearing Doug Fisher talk about Assessment Capable Learners.  He is always insightful and helps push the learning forward.

I was impressed with the diversity of sessions to not only update on strategies, but the discussion of UDL and social emotional learning was timely.

Thank you for a great conference.

rchampagne Over 5 years ago


I thoroughly enjoyed Douglas Fisher as the Keynote speaker. This was my second KUCRL conference and traveling to Kansas is always so fun! I hope to become a SIM Professional Developer soon! 
jlh0022 Over 5 years ago

Doug Fisher presentation

Enjoyed hearing Doug Fisher speak on how to assess our students that is both meaningful to them and provides clarity for our teachers.
cel578 Over 5 years ago

It is always nice and comforting to see familiar faces as well as meeting new folks.

  I enjoyed hearing the different topics and perspectives from the Keynote Panel.  Doug Fisher was very engaging and infused humor in his Keynote.  I really enjoyed and appreciated his session.  I would like to thank the conference committee for their hard work.  A special thank you to Patty for arranging for the PDLs to meet with Doug Fisher. 

I also enjoyed learning about Teaching Decision Making, the newest Content Enhancement Routine.
danamccaleb Over 5 years ago