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February 7, 2017 for update, and webinar February 15, 2017

mfurg About 6 years ago


lhogan About 6 years ago

Also Evaluated: Keynote Speaker SIM Micro Credentials Overall Conference

lhogan About 6 years ago

Webinar Attendance on 2/15/2017.

leythamp About 6 years ago

Participated in Webinar on Feb. 16, 2017 iwth Patti, Mona and Peony.

pegeegan About 6 years ago

February 15, 2017

bokrainetz About 6 years ago

Micro credentialing opens the door for educators to more fully participate in communities to enhance and advance learning at all levels.

This process is similar to what we are asking our teachers to do for their educator effectiveness evaluation process. They collect evidence, artifacts and provide reflection on their practices. We've talked about how important it is to select high leverage artifacts that they are proud of and those that lend themselves to discussions with colleagues. Some teachers were reluctant to use video, but it is becoming more common. As we gently share and encourage each other, more are joining in so we know that the trust level is increasing. At the district level, the same is not true. We have a variety of PD options but the requirements are so strident that too many are shying away from these opportunities. They see it as 'jumping through hoops' rather than supporting their professional growth. I am so interested in learning more about micro credientialing as a way to grow SIM implementation in my building. This also holds great promise as a way to recognize and incentivize professional learning and collaboration across the district. 

As a PD, I have struggled with providing the follow up I'd like to do after an event. At the same time, there are always a few teachers who amaze me with how they go above and beyond what I've shared with them. With this model, I have a way to acknowledge their expertise and join them in supporting other teachers interested in this type of professional growth. 
pegeegan About 6 years ago

Attended Webinar February 15, 2017

kucrl Over 6 years ago