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I've completed session evaluations on:

1. The Keynote Speaker
2. Fusion Reading
3. Impact-Coaching Cycle
4. Coaching Strategic Instruction
5. Both ends of the spectrum: Using SIM writing in content areas
6. Micro-credentialing
virginia5492 Over 5 years ago

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kithunglee Almost 6 years ago

Breakout Sessions Evaluated

Cracker Barrel:SIM & iGen
Fusion Reading: Expand your Literary Toolbox
How to Word Map In Content Areas
Crossover-Differentiated Tools and Strategies
Both Ends of the Spectrum: Using SIM Writing Strategies
lhogan Almost 6 years ago

Crossover-Differentiated Tools

lhogan Almost 6 years ago

General Session: The NEW SIMville and Stratedirectory

The new look of SIMville is great - well organized and much easier to navigate. My task now is to update my bio and to spend a bit more time exploring the resources available. I am looking forward to watching video sessions from the conference that I didn't include in this evaluation.  
pegeegan Almost 6 years ago

Math Standards and Strategic Math Series

This was a nice review of the of the program components, but I would have liked more examples and explanation for place value. Dr. Flores talked about paring Add 0-9 and Subtraction 0-9 - going through Concrete stages for each then doing Representational for each (back to back) and the Abstract. In the past, I've advised teachers to teacher all the of addition before going to subtraction, so it will be interesting to see how this sequence works.
pegeegan Almost 6 years ago

Support for Adolescent Struggling Readers: Get "Xtreme" Results with Xtreme Reading

This is an intense program designed to accelerate reading comprehension from 1.5 to 2 years growith in one academic year. It is not for the faint of heart - the pace is demanding for both teacher and students. Critical considerations for implementation are ongoing professional development with coaching, controlling the number of students in the class (recommended 12-14), selecting students with reading levels at or above 4th grade level and committing to a full year course without adding students along the way. The results have been very encouraging, and it was powerful hearing from a teacher who has taught the program for 4 years. Katelyn Hagen spoke to the logistics of using the program and what she has learned works best. I would think that anyone interested in implementing Xtreme Reading would be grateful to participate in a network with others using it.
pegeegan Almost 6 years ago

Coaching Strategic Instruction

The three steps of coaching were laid out very clearly so it was easy to see how these can be effectively applied  to the implementation of learning strategies and content enhancement routines. The process is highly respectful of teachers. The coach works closely with the teacher to get a clear picture of the situation. With prompting, the teacher sets a goal for herself and for her students. Then the coach provides options to the teacher for resources and approaches. At the next step, the coach helps the teacher to work out the logistics and may assist directly with demonstrations and observations. The use of checklists are helpful tools for providing feedback. The final step is to examine impact which includes looking at student progress data. After discussing this, the coach and teacher extend planning to make modifications as needed until goals are met. In each portion of the presentation, presenters explained how the coaching process can be customized and personalized for teachers. By doing so, the coach taps into the authentic movtivation of teachers to improve practice. 
pegeegan Almost 6 years ago

Listening & Notetaking

This was my first exposure to the concept of "interleaving" practice to remember key ideas, facts and skills. This was pulled from the Science of Smart - American Radio Works - How Humans Learn Best. The idea is that variable practice where one weaves new things in with old is more effective that blocked practice (doing the same thing over and over or cramming). The presenter reminded me that it's ok, actually important, to make mistakes. By examining errors and misunderstandings through low risk discussion and quizzes, our retention improves. The GRADE sub-strategy was referenced as a means for delving further into the process for studying. I can see how helpful this would be for students since they are re-reading with a purpose and representing the information visually as needed to strengthen recall.
pegeegan Almost 6 years ago

Email received from Peony Allen on 31 January 2017.

I hope you've enjoyed participating in the Winter 2017 Virtual SIM™ Update Conference.    

It appears that you have completed all of your session evaluations at this time.

Once you attend one of the webinars, Feb. 15th - 3pm CST or Feb. 16th - 10am CST, and complete the overall evaluation, you will receive credit for this SIM update and be issued your online SIM participant credential from badgelist.com

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to talking with you at one of the webinars!

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leythamp Almost 6 years ago

Scientific Argumentation Study More Effectively Theme Writing Adolescent Struggling Readers Crossover Differentiated Visual Tools

bokrainetz Almost 6 years ago

I have listed the sessions I evaluated.

I evaluated:
1. Word Mapping: How to Map in Content Area Classrooms - Monica Harris
2. CER's and State and College and Career Readiness Standards - McCann, Mulock, Kanji
3. The Scientific Argumentation Routine - Jan Bulgren
4. Learning to Read with KUCRL: FUSION Reading and Xtreme Reading - Brasseur-Hock, Graner
5. Mathematics Standards/Strategic Math Series - Margaret Flores
6. Study More Effectively with Listening and Note-Taking - Gwen Berry

kucrl About 6 years ago