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I had never attended any of the math sessions before and found it to be very engaging.

retired6 Over 6 years ago

Jim Knight: Coaching Cycle & Five Rules of Change

There were many aspects of this session that I can directly relate to my role as a SIMâ„¢ Professional Developer and Coach.  However, the following statements had the most impact on my view of my role with teachers who are more resistant to coaching.
1.  Coaching is always a choice, but not growth and improvement.
2.  Continuous improvement is always a characteristic if you are a professional.
3.  Professionalism involves the element of choice.
4.  Have choice, but with autonomy and accountability.
jaherzog Over 6 years ago

I like the Micro-Credentialing badges for the CE Routines to show my mastery and expertise. I also like that you have them for events too.

allisonkanji Over 6 years ago

Poster sessions and Kaleidoscope were very well received. Good job everyone!

peonya Over 6 years ago

Posted on Twitter about Neal Kinston's Keynote

You need structure to analyze data well - #Kingston #SIMposium2016
hhsmith Over 6 years ago

Learning to Read with KUCRL: Fusion Reading and Xtreme Reading

Patty and Irma did an excellent job describing the similarities and differences of both programs.  I loved the analogy that Mike made about the programs, "The ingredients are similar for both, but the recipes are different." 
whm2378 Over 6 years ago

Learning about the DVTs was very eye-opening. What great tools to use in any grade level, across content areas.

kalenzi Over 6 years ago

There is very strong research for using graphic organizers, but some tools are far better than others. You need something more complex.

nshrum Over 6 years ago

Cracker Barrel, What's Next for SIM?

The biggest theme that came out of our group discussion yesterday was the need to reach administrators.  In particular, it is essential to empower PDers to have conversation about how SIM links with state, district and school level initiatives - AVID, MTSS, PBIS, Marzano Design Questions, Thinking Maps, etc.  PDers need to be able to talk in the "Problem/Solution" language - in other words how SIM can help with meeting the demands of initiatives.
crenetij Over 6 years ago

Scientific Argumentation Routine: So many different ways to use in the classroom. Excellent use of writing to promote literacy and science!

btb1510 Over 6 years ago

Keynote Speaker-I loved Neal's consideration of students with more significant challenges. and the "nodes"

elainemccann Over 6 years ago

Scientific Argumentation Routine

Scientific Argumentation with Jan Bulgren was very informative; she did a wonderful job explaining the thought process behind each section of the graphic device.  Great discussions with Jan and other participants.

danamccaleb Over 6 years ago