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Sharing my experiences with SIM strategies and routines

The sharing of my experiences with SIM strategies and routines during the conference was spontaneous, during sessions when participation was requested, and during many informal conversations with other SIM participants. 

kbgast Almost 7 years ago

My session was a Q & A session, so I did not create a presentation.

monatipton Over 7 years ago

The SIM Online Overview is an independent study with 6 modules.

The SIM Online Overview modules are posted in the Kaleidoscope handouts section for the 2015 SIM conference. 
jbasler Over 7 years ago

Posted in Dropbox and sent to KUCRL

kucrl Over 7 years ago

The PowerPoint that Ben Roome and I created to present.

I have moved the presentation into Google. You can download the slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1O6PLs4zZt1FqsF52wvmHjp5xWn1LZI9XqBPD3LwmD84/edit#slide=id.p

pattygraner Over 7 years ago

Resources shared

Powerpoint presentation about 10 Key Ideas related to DVTs

swoodruf Over 7 years ago

LiveBinder Link for Supporting SIM Implementation with the FL SPDG SIM Project


To open the binder, use this access key: SSI
crenetij Over 7 years ago