Mark Burnett

Your thoughts on Micro-Credentialing and SIM

Badges are common skills currency that can show both horizontal and vertical competencies.

  • July 15, 2015 at 9:25 AM
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This is the largest Teacher Professional Development initiative going on. Badges can be and are posted in a digital format. Open badges were created by Mozilla and MacArthur Foundation recognizing that there needed to be recognition for skills that are learned--anywhere. 'Open Badges' is the new standard for credentialing. They are digital micro-credentials.  Teachers create the badges and the requirements for earning them. I like the term 'constellation' of badges. Students earn a constellation of badges to display their competencies in any given area. They are already familiar with badges if they play video games, are in Scouts--even DIY network has badges kids can earn.

Badge images are created by teachers--I would think that this could be a collaborative effort among teachers and/or with students--much like the co-constructs we do in our CER's. Talk about personalized learning!
It seems that the more professional looking the badges are--the more meaningful they become. Free Badge Maker can be used for this. 

Evidence is the key--these are the requirements for earning badges. What I wonder about is the proficiency required for earning a badge--since we are still in the grading through assessment--if a student makes three attempts before earning a badge, does that equate to a "C"?

Invite--Guide--Award.  The three steps in badging.

Is there an up/down side to displaying who has/has not earned a badge?

Earning badges as SIM Professional Developers shows each PDer's areas of expertise. Very exciting. Like a CER, badges keep us focused on each area of expertise. Things can have a way of becoming convoluted .

This is a way for the public to see our competencies and know that we are what we say we are. We are not 'just a title'. Not just a 'certificate of completion'--but a valid, evidenced-based proof of mastery.