Michelle Buchanan

4. Post Self Reflection

The SIM content enhancement routines provided opportunities to teach and assess and gave my students ownership in the courses.

  • January 20, 2019 at 1:31 PM
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From the initial professional development workshop on the Content Enhancement Routines, I knew I would immediately implement these teaching and assessment strategies. I started with the Framing Routine as my teacher candidates learned specific learning disabilities. The Framing Routine allowed my candidates to expand their knowledge from essential details about specific main ideas to reflect on how the learned information affects their lesson planning design. The Unit Organizer Routine was used to help the students create their unit development in an early field course. The Course Organizer Routine became a tool to introduce the students to the course's content, but I also used it as a culminating document, to help my students see how much they learned during the semester.

The coaching and support I received during these PDs gave me the confidence to not only use these routines but also teach how to implement them to my teacher candidates in their education courses. I had several candidates in their early field courses use the Question Exploration Guide Routine. As science and majors, my candidates found this Routine easy to implement and this Routine followed an inquiry-based approach to learning the content.