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Second modification - alter k_fast

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See the wiki instructions for this evidence step (More Info...). You will be modifying code and uploading the result.
Now let’s jump inside which is referenced from SingleCompMuscle.xml:

Notice that there is the ionChannel block, and inside it has a notes element and two gateHHtauInf elements.  The first gateHHtauInf element refers to the activation variable for the k_fast channel and the second one refers to its inactivation variable.


  1. Go back and set the value for the condDensity in SingleCompMuscle.xml back to the original value & save the file.
  2. Let’s try slowing down the activation variable by editing the tau value for the activation variable from 2.25518 to 200.25518
  3. Re-run the model as before with pynml LEMS_Figure2A.xml and screenshot the four figures one more time.  Submit the screenshot as evidence.