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Successfully get the muscle model running on your machine!

Required Evidence

Clone the code on your machine

You can use the commandline or GitHub desktop to clone the repo on your local machine. Post a screenshot of the code on your local machine's directory and type 'git status' on the command line, or screenshot the github desktop app open to the code. More Info

Successfully install the code

Run python install from the command line. Post the log from the successful build on your command line with no errors. Any problems, post an issue ( and post in the channel: More Info

Run test and post image

Run the following test and take a screenshot of the figures that are produced: cd NeuroML2; pynml-channelanalysis -temperature 34 -minV -55 -maxV 80 -duration 600 -clampBaseVoltage -55 -clampDuration 580 -stepTargetVoltage 10 -erev 50 ./ More Info

Badge Overview

The muscle model project in the OpenWorm project ( is open source code that contains multiple implementations of a published model of c. elegans muscle membrane dynamics.  

Earning this badge will show you the basics of how to download the code on your computer, install it, and run it.

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