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Who did you teach? What did you teach them? How was the experience?

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Go Formative!

I taught one of my grade level colleagues how to use Go Formative with her class to get real time exit tickets at the end of her math lessons. We had started our discussion from a completely unrelated topic but I mentioned getting real time exit tickets for my math lessons and she immediately jumped on the topic.

I pulled up my account and showed her how easy it was to grab the pre-made Engage NY exit tickets and assign them to her class through Google Classroom. It was really awesome. She was completely engaged by the possibilities made available through Go Formative's platform.
mcarlingoldberg Over 6 years ago

I used ScreencastOmatic to teach about the Chrome Extension 'One Tab' to teachers via a Google Classroom 'Tech Tuesday' post.

gladeslibrarian Over 6 years ago

I taught a session to teaches on Digital Badging, We are going to use it whole school next year

Taught: Dig Badging
What: How to create badges and set up classroom
Experience: Very positive, going whole school!
miltology Almost 8 years ago