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What's in a name?

A Mirror Into My Teaching

First Post - Mirrors: Self-reflection and communication.

As of today this blog has existed more than six weeks, with no posts, and no title. This morning I found both snuggled up together. Please read to the end to find out where I found them. Two months ago I had an experience that opened my eyes and changed my teaching forever.
mcarlingoldberg Over 6 years ago

Posts on my educational blog.

Learning in the Cloud

Learning in the Cloud

Recently I have grappled with the problem of developing an online course within my VLE that uses modern thinking on pedagogy for 21 st Century skills. The course I am developing is called the Design Workshop and this is the pedagogical design which underpins it.
grantmac Over 7 years ago

Not my first post but a recent one that I like a lot.


Authentic Student Collaboration Through Social Reading - Verses Education

One of my favorite Web2.0 phenomenon is something called Social Reading. [I describe it as uptexting but we'll stick with what the real academics call it.] Analogous to Collaborative Writing - think of when our students collaborate in authoring text on a Google Doc - Social Reading involves the act of collaboratively reading and responding to texts.
senorg Over 7 years ago

In which I post my beliefs as well as ask a question of the blogging community

Backstage Guiding

Backstage Guiding

I am reblogging this so I can find it next fall. Just when you wonder how you're going to start the year... Yesterday I posted my final picture book post for all of the signposts in the amazing book Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst.
bethctech Over 7 years ago

Although I initially started blogging in 2011, in took a rather long hiatus and just revived my blog this July, 2015.

Curious Squid

The Couros Effect

(or: It Happened One Conference...) Supposedly the ideas that come to us aren't really original, but just remixes of influences, experiences and other ideas that we build upon and shape with our own transformative twist. If this is the case, then maybe inspiration works in the same way...it's not borne out of one particular incident,...
ms_diaz Almost 8 years ago

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edTech unZipped

edTech unZipped

To showcase end of the year learning for Open House, I used the medium of ThingLink. It is such an easy platform where students can showcase their work. The ThingLink platform is quite user friendly. I taught the students the... Read More ›
miltology Almost 8 years ago