Gamify PD with Digital Badge - CUE 2016

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How are you hoping to use digital badges in your school or district?

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promote education

I hope to use it to promote education. I think I will use it in different areas such as social awareness, quality of education, identification of the frameworks of open education, principles of self-promotion, motivation of activities.
mkececi Over 5 years ago

We're using digital badges as an option for teachers to demonstrate their knowledge while providing for a flexible learning environment.

In our district, we've done training on blended learning, competency-based education, and student demonstrations of mastery, but had not been able to convince professional developers of the importance of providing these options for teachers as well.

Initially, we started with discussing the concept of digital badges, with teachers enthusiastically (after they got going) seeking to complete our "test" badge.  Since this proof of concept, we've started to convert some of our "sit and get" sessions into self-paced (and still compensated) professional development options.  We launch district-wide in a few weeks, and so far, the response has been amazing!
ryanmulvanny Almost 6 years ago

I want to use badges for teacher PD to help motivate and engage teachers

I would like to use badges at my school site for technology PD and with my PBIS team to help motivate grade 7 teachers. In terms of students, I would like to get more into gamification and use badges. I'm interested in open badges that are transferable and will hold value to the use.
rpompilio Over 6 years ago

I'm curious if badging could be a way to increase feedback loop for teachers previously trained. Incentivizing sharing what they do.

mhendra Over 6 years ago

I am excited to use badges to motivate my low math group:)

dhaynes7 Over 6 years ago

Professional Development

I'm excited to use this with my teachers to motivate them, and/or teach them to use this in their classrooms!
thattechiegirl Over 6 years ago

Love the idea of using badges in education!

Love the idea of using badges in education for both PD and student achievement. Actually created proof of concept and wrote about it here in 2011:
jpatten Over 6 years ago

Professional Development Badges

We have a weekly Tech Café for teachers to attend as needed. It's a coffee shop type setting at the district office where teachers can come and collaborate and integrate. Two SLAMs are offered each week as well. We'd like to offer badges for attendance, skills learned, SLAM presentation etc.
jsnell Over 6 years ago

Motivation for PD and Health

I am hoping that my colleagues will find this motivating to participate BOTH in PD and health challenges.
shaunahawes Over 6 years ago

How I use badges...

When I was in the classroom, I would use badges via Edmodo within my student groups.
greggeilers Over 6 years ago

I am hoping that we can incorporate them into our Professional Development for teachers. There is a lot of push back due to time.

The teachers at my site are quick to disregard training because they think it is a waste of time. I think by offering more online professional development that offer an incentive and has a little bit of a competitive spirit, they might be more likely to engage in it.
smoore Over 6 years ago

PD Badges

I want to use badges for teacher PD and learning.
mslaurentyler Over 6 years ago