Data Decoder 1


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Pick and reflect on an artifact that proves you have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions represented by the badge.

Required Artifact

Submit a Summary of Results that involves:
  • Screenshot of a data representation (i.e., graph, table, or figure)
  • Describe the purpose of the data representation.
  • Explain the story the data is telling you with the data representation
    • Variables tested
    • Relationships between variables
    • Features of the data (i.e., maxes, mins, trends, x and y intercepts).
  • Explain why you think the scientist selected this format (e.g., bar graph, data table, scatter plot, or diagram) to communicate the data?

Reflection Prompt

  • Provide context. What is the activity this artifact is representing?
  • Explain how the artifact represents the skills, knowledge, and dispositions for this badge.