Data Decoder 1


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Pick and reflect on an artifact that illustrates the strategies you used to be successful in a task.

Required Artifact

Photo of validation form filled by a professional indicating that you can complete the following successfully:
  • Identify basic features of a table, graph, or diagram (headings, units, labels).
  • Select a single piece of data (quantitative or categorical) from a simple data presentation.
  • Determine how the value of one variable changes as the value of another variable changes.
    • slope (linear) in context
    • rate of change or constant multiplier for exponential
  • Identify and/or use a simple mathematical relationship between data (i.e. direct, inverse, positive, negative, linear, logarithmic, exponential).
Link to validation form:

Reflection Prompt

  • Provide context. What does this artifact represent about how to be successful with the task?
  • Explain the strategies you used to be successful on the task, such as:
    • Sticking points and how to avoid them
    • Tool Selection
    • Proper Techniques
    • Design Choices
    • Resources