Analytical Techniques 2

Metacognitive Reflection

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Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and dispositions in this badge make you a better practicing scientist.

Directions: Answer each of the questions below. Cite specific evidence from your experiences and explain your answers thoroughly. 

Identifying the Skills
What were the goals of this badge?
What knowledge, new and/or old, did you use to achieve the goals of the badge?

Self Monitoring
How did you know you were successful in the task?

Strategy Selection
Explain the strategies you used to be successful on each part of the task (example: how you decided which tools to use - instruments or critical thinking tools, proper technique, etc.) 
If or when a strategy failed identify & explain adjustments made.

Knowledge Transfer
How can you apply something you learned earning this badge outside of school, in another class, and/or in another experiment?