Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor Public

Classical Academy of Arms

Required Evidence


Satisfactorily complete 10 hours of training fencers in group or introductory level individual lessons under the supervision of a credentialed member of the Classical Academy of Arms. More Info


Satisfactorily complete a multiple choice examination on trainer duties with at least 18 answers correct out of 25 questions. More Info

Student Assessment

Submit at least two assessments of students or other trainers of his or her ability to train students at an introductory level. More Info


Complete a self-assessment of his or her ability to meet standards of dress, safety, and ethical conduct and to effectively perform in introductory level training roles. More Info

Badge Overview

Getting started...

This badge recognizes entry level trainers who can support professionally credentialed instructors in conducting beginner level fencing classes.   The focus of the Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor program is on beginning level instruction in the foil through Ranks 1 to 3 in the Academy’s skill development program.  In special cases individuals who will teach only classical saber or dueling sword (classical epee) may qualify as Apprentice Instructors.  The Classical Fencing Apprentice Instructor is a pre-professional rank intended for those who wish to assist in instructing, but who do not intend to primarily teach classical fencing, or those who do not meet the age requirements for professional credentials of the Academy.  Its prerequisites are that the individual must be of at least 13 years of age and have at least six months experience as a classical fencer and have received at least 30 hours of instruction from a credentialed professional trainer.
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Christian Olbrich


Badge awarded on 4/28/20

Walter G. Green III


Created badge on 4/29/20

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