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List the name(s) of the active Xtreme Reading Professional Developer(s) who led the session.

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Bonnie Palasak and Janet Atallah

dpurvis Over 2 years ago

Janet Atallah and Bonnie Palasak

Attended 2 days of review Cohort 1 and 3 days of update Cohort 2 Xtreme curriculum.
njacobs50 Over 2 years ago

Angela L. Bray attended four days of PD on Xtreme Reading June 2019 with Pam Leitzell

abray Over 3 years ago

Pam Leitzell, Diane Gillam

bfenwick Over 3 years ago

Pam Leitzell, Diane Gillam

cleague Over 4 years ago


kucrl Over 4 years ago