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Find a movement to support and tell us about it!

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Short-term- Write down your vision of how you would improve education, then describe a movement that supports this vision.

- Find ways to encourage other educators, parent, and students to support the movement to transform education.

Find a movement that fits with your vision and then tell us about what you did to support it!

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I hosted a STEM Activity during Maryland STEM Festival

November 15th, I hosted an activity for the MD STEM Festival.  The event entitled, Light and light base technology.  The event was designed for elementary and middle school students and their families to participate in hands-on optics activities and to share information on the closest star, Sun . Each child created and left with a solar oven.
maajidalc Over 8 years ago

I support eTwinning as such projects prepare our students very well for a life in a globalized world.

I support the eTwinning community because I am convinced that  opening our teaching to collaboration with colleagues from all over Europe gives our teaching new perspectives. Working and learning with like-minded people is so motivating and inspiring, we can learn so much from each other and open the world to our students.

I do not only use eTwinning in my teaching, I also organize workshops and spread the news as an ambassador. 

mrsu Almost 9 years ago

Lot's of movements to support!

Since I joined the virtual community of educators around the globe, my life as a teacher has changed tremendously.

Since I joined the virtual community of educators around the globe, my life as a teacher, no matter how experienced I was back then, has changed tremendously. I have blogged about my experience as an exchange educator which, I think, was my first big step into a surprising, exciting and unlimited world of opportunities.

Later on, one of my closest friends convinced me to browse different websites for teachers, so I started to connect online, I took one virtual course and one day, by navigating this huge online universe, I discovered the wonderful Shelly Sanchez Terrell, for whom I do not have words to describe.

After Shelly´s invitation to join the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, my dear friend and colleague Sylvia Guinannominated me to be the next teacher to be interviewed, Shelly´s comments and all the feedback I got after my talk with her, took me to another "galaxy". That kind of connection was exactly what I needed at that time: moments of feeling depressed, empty and unfulfilled after coming back to live and teach in my home country, as hard as it may sound: the real truth.

Becoming a better educator, a BETTER CONNECTED EDUCATOR, a real 21st Century Educator are my movements.
flcasella About 9 years ago
mariabossa Over 9 years ago

Support a lot of movements actually

Accomplishing Goal 1 of 2015 30 Goals Challenge - Support a Movement.

Supporting the Pay It Forward Movement.

Whether it is paying forward a random act of kindness or paying forward the patience and time a teacher gave you when you were struggling with their course, the cycle of support and care of students is endless. I support this movement in my professional and personal life. I talk with students about it around the Harkness table or at the lunch table. Who impacted your life in a big or small way and how do you pay it forward today?
psasser Over 9 years ago