iPad Text Select - Copy - Paste Public

iPad Media Camp

Select desired iPad text, move the text insertion bar as desired, copy and paste text

Required Evidence

Select Text

Open the iPad NOTES app. Type a sentence. Lightly tap & hold your finger over one of the words until a magnifying glass icon appears. Still holding down your finger, drag to move insertion bar to a desired location. Double tap a word to select it. Evidence: Type DONE. More Info

Expand Text Selection

After selecting a word, tap the selection starting or ending bar and drag to select more or less text. Evidence: Type Done. More Info

Copy and Paste

After making a text selection, tap on the selection to reveal a pop menu. From the popup menu choose copy. Tap elsewhere to paste the selected/copied text. Evidence: Type Done. More Info


Take a screenshot of the text you've been selecting, copying, and pasting in the Notes app and submit it as evidence for badge completion. More Info

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