iPad Narrated Slideshow


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Exemplar narrated slideshow projects
  1. Narrated 5 Photo Story: 5 iPad Essentials for Traveling Presenters 
  2. Liquid Measure (5th grade, 32 sec, created with “Show Me” for iPad) http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=nQ5N8AS
  3. Ejyafjallajokull: Our 6th Grade Science Volcano Project (7th grade, created with Explain EveryThing for iPad) 
  4. Kitchen Chemistry Experiments (4th grade, created with Explain EveryThing for iPad) 
  5. Helen Keller Book Report (3rd grade, created with VoiceThread) https://voicethread.com/share/6071/
  6. More on http://share.playingwithmedia.com/category/video/narrated-slideshow/
For more resources on Narrated Slideshows visit http://showwithmedia.com/narrated-slideshow-screencast/