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This is a free badge group for all teachers who subscribe to the notion that continuous improvement is good for kids. #futurereadyteacher

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BlendEd Lvl. 1 - Dabbler

You know a thing or two about blended learning, but can you incorporate an online resource into a lesson?

Required Evidence

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  • 7

BlendEd Lvl. 2 - Aficionado

Let's try something new... How about a wholly online assignment in your LMS or SIS? Digital literacy, here we come.

Required Evidence

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  • 3

BlendEd Lvl. 3 - Connoisseur

Time to kick things up a notch with your own dynamic classroom webpage in your LMS, Google Sites, EduBlogs, or other web hosting service.

Required Evidence

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Data Magic Lvl. 1 - Dilettante

Data is about more than pretty charts. This badge is for those who use student data to inform a personalized learning approach.

Required Evidence

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Data Magic Lvl. 2 - Adept

Synthesis is the pinnacle of mastery and there you go using your data knowledge to improve your conversations with parents. Nice work.

Required Evidence

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Data Magic Lvl. 3 - Wizard

You've achieved true self-awareness by using data to identify your own strengths and opportunities in a conversation with an administrator.

Required Evidence

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Digital Media Lvl. 1 - Maverick

Can you identify free, accessible, and safe digital media resources for students? If so, you've earned yourself a badge.

Required Evidence

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  • 7

Digital Media Lvl. 2 - Maven

It's time for some next-level learning. Earn this badge by assigning a video, audio, blogging, or digital photography project to students.

Required Evidence

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  • 2

Digital Media Lvl. 3 - Master

Practice what you preach! Show your mettle by creating at least three videos, podcast episodes, or blogs for parents or students.

Required Evidence

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  • 3

Mentor Maestro

Pay it forward. Help another educator grow through a combination of training, feedback, and support.

Required Evidence

  • 16
  • 3

Model Citizen

It's the key to the digital city(zenship)! This badge is awarded to teachers who emphasize and model the concept of #digcit.

Required Evidence

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