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Resonance Innovation Fellowship 2016

Jumped right in and finished the first five RIF2016 projects on the way to becoming world changers!

Required Evidence

Project 1 - Introduction

Create a brief history of yourself that helps the others in the group understand who you are. More Info

Project 2 - Innovation

Become familiar with emerging technologies by reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, or other methods. More Info

Project 3 - Connection

Expand your personal network by identifying and communicating with your Stretch Team. Submit your team to the discussion forum. More Info

Project 4 - Compassion

Practice understanding life from someone else’s point of view. Identify major challenges by first understanding others. More Info

Project 5 - Reputation

Brainstorm domain name ideas. Investigate web hosting options. Set up a basic Wordpress or Google Sites website. Explore other avenues for cultivating your digital identity. More Info

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Getting started...

We have five “Jump Start” assignments designed to launch you towards your destination! More details are available on the RIF2016 Basecamp. To submit evidence, simply write "needs checked off" and Debby or Steve will take care of that.

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