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Internship X-Block

Learn the basics of dentistry.

Required Evidence


Pick and reflect on an artifact that illustrates the strategies you used to be a successful in a task. More Info


Provide a picture of signature from mentor that you can manage dental equipment. More Info

Metacognitive reflection

Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and disposition in this badge make you a better practicing scientist. More Info

Badge Overview


You Can: 

• Post picture of managing dental equipment as evidence 

• Post a video of you managing dental equipment 

• Learn how to operate an autoclave Learn where to place dental scrapers, mirrors, and removers 

• Learn the different types of equipment sets. 

• Learn what each type of equipment does

Why Earn This Badge:  Proving that one can manage dental equipment shows that he or she knows how to be organized. Organization is very important in almost any industry because if one does not know where to find something this could delay or ruin what ever project they are working on. 

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Douglas Q.


Created badge on 4/7/17

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