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Internship X-Block

Shows ability to handle and organize large amounts of information, navigate complex, interconnected networks, and communicate with others.

Required Evidence


Show your process in planning this event and how that shows your skills in event planning. I.e. spreadsheets, work logs, planning journals. More Info


Show the product, or result of your work in planning an event. This can be the specific pieces you set up or attributed to the event. More Info


How do these artifacts show that you are a better practicing event planner? More Info

Badge Overview


1. Can collect and organize large amounts of interconnected data.
2. Can navigate complicated and linked networks and systems.
3. Can schedule and plan large events.
4. Can communicate effectively with business professionals.

Why Earn This Badge:

Communication, organization and analysis of interconnected data, and navigation of complex systems and networks, are ubiquitous throughout many different fields. This is so as in any job one must be able to communicate with their bosses and supervisors, their fellow employees, or possibly their own workers. Being able to handle interconnected data is very important as well as in the real world very few things exist within a bubble, and rather are connected and affected by many other factors and variables. Finally navigation of complex systems and networks is important for traversing brought the business and workplace environment.

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Amber M.


Created badge on 4/7/17

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