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Internship X-Block

The people who earn this badge understand the terminology and equipment used in HHSA as well as communication with people

Required Evidence


Pick an artifact that shows understanding of terminology as well as what situations it is used in at HHSA. More Info


Select an artifact that shows you have mastered these skills. More Info

Meta cognitive reflection

How will you be a better practicing social worker after earning this badge More Info

Badge Overview

This badge focuses on skill like being able to understand the  terminology  used in HHSA and in what situations it is used in. Another skill would be the ability to perform efficiently in a high stress situation while maintaining your attitude. The final skill would be the ability to use all the equipment efficiently and know what to do if it breaks down.

Why earn this badge 
If you were pursuing a career in social work then earning this badge would give you a significant advantage since you already know all the terminology and equipment. You also show that you can handle situations where the stress level is high. Which is very helpful no matter what job you have in the future.

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Steve R


Created badge on 5/4/17

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