Information Connector Hidden

Dr. Sigelakis 8th Grade English

In order to earn this badge you had to research a current event and make connections among people, events, and ideas. (RI.1, RI.2, RI.3)

Required Evidence

Task 1

Research an informational topic about something that is going on in your community. To master this task, you will need to submit a document that includes a link to two articles, the articles cited correctly in MLA format, and a brief summary of each article. More Info

Task 2

Complete a visual representation of the connections between people, events, and ideas. Attach the visual to this task. More Info

Task 3

Represent your findings in written form. Write a two to three paragraph analysis comparing all three articles and how they connect on in regard to people, events, and ideas. Include in your analysis the impact of the event on our community, environment, or citizens. More Info

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