Xtreme Reading Professional Learning (PL) Public

Additional SIM™ Credentials

Awarded for attending instruction in Xtreme Reading.

Required Evidence

1. Professional Developer Name(s)

List the name(s) of the active Xtreme Reading Professional Developer(s) who led the session. More Info

2. Reflection

Please enter your reflection about the session. More Info

3. Date of Completion

Enter your date of completion, click the "Request Feedback" button when you're through. More Info

Badge Overview

How to earn this micro-credential badge

Micro-credentials in the SIM series enable teachers to verify skills in educational programs offered through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. To earn the micro-credential badge:
  • Click the green “join this badge” button and sign up/sign in if needed.
  • Post your evidence specified in the “Required Evidence” section by clicking on the blue “Post” buttons, or you can click into the Evidence section and post from there.
  • Click on the Request Feedback button once you have completed the credential

Badge Experts


Angela Lynn Bray


Badge awarded on 1/30/20

Bonnie Fenwick


Badge awarded on 7/29/19

Catherine League


Badge awarded on 12/18/18

Jocelyn Washburn


Badge awarded on 8/11/20



Created badge on 9/4/18

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Deirdre Purvis


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Denise Bailey


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