How to Process Your Course Evaluations Public

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Demonstrate skills of course evaluation design and apply practices to analyze student evaluations. Please complete Option A or Option B.

Required Evidence

Attendance at two-part workshop

To earn this badge, participants must attend both sessions of the How to Process Your Course Evaluations workshop. Please upload a screenshot of your final attendance in REPORTER. More Info

Option A: Design a Midterm Evaluation

Using the practices discussed in the workshop, design a midterm evaluation for a course in your field. Upload a copy of the evaluation here. More Info

Option B: Find the Story in Your Data

Critically analyze the course evaluations that you have received and use them to find a narrative about your teaching. Describe how you will use this information to adapt your teaching. Please upload your analysis and response. Do not submit the evaluation(s) on which you are basing your response. More Info

Workshop Reflection

Please write a short reflection about the workshop (~250 words). This may include parts of the workshop you found most useful, least useful, or how you plan to apply what you learned from the workshop. More Info

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