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Mystery Tweet Activity #3

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Who did you partner up with and what was the mystery your classes were racing to figure out from one another? Upload a screenshot of the Twitter feed.

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paigefickbohm About 5 years ago

Ss did their own Mystery Tweet but used the blog feature on seesaw!

paigefickbohm About 5 years ago

Currently in a #mysterytweet202, 1-2 tweets a day, with Ruff's 5th grade. If we guess they will bring the item during 5th grade visit.

rolandteach About 5 years ago

We're starting a new #MysteryNumber game between our 1st and kinder classes!

diedrichk About 5 years ago

Mrs. McCoy's class tweeted me and tried to guess an African artifact as part of their African unit.

mrsnix About 5 years ago