#Mystery Tweet Golden Bear

Mystery Tweet Activity #1

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Who did you partner up with and what was the mystery your classes were racing to figure out from one another? Upload a screenshot of the Twitter feed.

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Mystery Tweet to kick off our wax Museum projects. Each class had a person from American Revolution, we had to ask ?'s and research to guess

paigefickbohm About 5 years ago

Pre TSGA mystery tweet

ruffteacher About 5 years ago

This was so much fun! The students really enjoyed it!

mccoyk About 5 years ago

Tech integration cohorts paired for #mysterytweet202. We tried guess the app. Back & forth for 30 min. neither group guessed. It was fun!

rolandteach About 5 years ago

I partnered with Mrs. Schlessman's class across the hall to play #GuessMyNumber

diedrichk About 5 years ago

My class and Ms. Highland's 7th and 8th hour raced to guess mystery objects in each other's classes. It took FOREVER but was really fun!

mrsnix About 5 years ago