#HashtagHero Golden Bear

#HashtagHero Golden Bear

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Tweet out with the #Badges4Bears

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ebarajas21 Over 3 years ago

This is more important than ever now! #badgesforbears #edcaht #TLChat https://t.co/xeOYzMEwcc

echapman Almost 4 years ago

What are you doing in 2 hours?! I hope it's joining #MGBookChat! Tonight's host is @SaadiaFaruqi, and the topic is… https://t.co/X1c6yK43dX

echapman Almost 4 years ago

Using #Badges4Bears to learn even more for the coming school year!

trishelle Almost 4 years ago
thomasjen About 4 years ago

My Ss were working on their badge of the week and so was I! I am kind of hooked to #badges4bears

hansenc About 4 years ago

Totally different perspective of #growthmindset after today PD. You can’t change a child’s mindset in a day,it’s a… https://t.co/LxOt0sd6YB

ncoyan Over 4 years ago

Alright @leashawolterman you got me...I'm hooked! #badges4bears https://t.co/6TnMhmdSnS

ncoyan Over 4 years ago

Excited to learn more about #badges4bears !!

tovaran Over 4 years ago

Working on my #badges4bears game! #TEkdg

mcendreet Almost 5 years ago

A very interesting concept! Keeps the principal in touch with the kids and teachers in a new way! #Badges4Bears https://t.co/C7U9334e5c

pcedergreen Almost 5 years ago

Learning how to network using twitter! #Badges4bears

graya Almost 5 years ago