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nksmith Over 3 years ago

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gracek Over 3 years ago


grintermusic Over 3 years ago

I love Nerdy Book Club because they post a lot of different resources for incorporating reading in your classroom!

trishelle Almost 4 years ago

We Are Teachers is a great resource for new teaching techniques and ideas to increase student engagement in class.

echapman About 4 years ago

I really enjoy her books. They give great practical ideas to use in the classroom for my students.

schlessmanj Over 4 years ago

Penny teaches math at my school I admire her teaching and running ability!

coppleb Over 4 years ago

She is great! She posts some great articles and things going on in her district. Not to mention she the co-author of some great books!

ncoyan Over 4 years ago

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dentonhays Over 4 years ago

Scholastic provides great books/magazines to use in the classroom for both RI standards and RL standards

pcedergreen Over 4 years ago

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rschrag Over 4 years ago

Donalyn Miller is a great literary leader! #thebookwhisperer

delaom Over 4 years ago