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Applying Techniques to Other Content Areas (applying the volcano-display concepts to projects in other classes)

This is a 3-4 hour activity done in the 2nd week of an 8-12 week program where students become familiar with basic computer programming concepts (such as: recognizing and defining computational problems, to name just one). Again, it is assumed that the other content area -- for example, World History -- has a physical project which will be enhanced by interactive explanations and additions. This demonstrates that the concepts of creating interactivity and the technology used in the volcano-display are transferrable to projects in other content areas.

Here are some New York Standards:
9-12.CT.12 Collaboratively design and develop a program or computational artifact for a specific audience and create documentation outlining implementation features to inform collaborators and users.
6-8.NSD.2  Design a project that combines hardware and software components to collect and use data to perform a function.
9-12.DL.4A Independently select advanced digital tools and resources to create, revise, and publish complex digital artifacts or collection of artifacts.
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