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1. Go to and investigate. 2. Select Tutorials and explore . How might you utilize MakerBits in the Classroom?

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Using MakerBit to connect physical projects to interactive media (such as a video, YouTube, content on Google or Wikipedia, etc.)

I read the Introduction to the MakerBit (on the "home" page), and then gained a better understanding by watching the Tutorial on how MakerBit is used to link interactive components to a physical project. In this case, it highlighted how an interactive description of a volcano makes it possible to watch and listen to a video (made by the student who had made the volcano) and notice how different portions of the physical project light up as it is explained by the video. Now that I think about this, it is very much like interactive exhibits in a museum: When you push a button you listen to audio explain what you see in front of you, and as different portions of the exhibit light up. Of course, MakerBit makes things a bit more interactive (since it is not only an audio stream that we listen to).

It is also interesting for me to note that the very basic logic of programming is used. For example, if... (then this happens), else (something else happens).

How could this be used in an Adult ESL classroom? It would be a very far stretch, but it could also be a very fun, and hands-on way, to learn about presentation and making a presentation interactive. For example, a student could make a poster of his or her family, or interests, or country (and so on). Then, a video could be recorded presenting the information on the poster. At certain moments, different parts of the poster could light up. For example, "This is my mother, Karolina." (Light up at 0:05 seconds when the word "Karolina" is spoken. End at 0:06 seconds). And the like. As long as the student project involved some kind of a visual display, the MakerBit could be utilized.
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